Monday, 23 July 2012

Do you want to be free? (Channelled)

Do you want to be free? 
Feel on top of the tree?
Swim without hin-der-ance?
Live your life like a dance?

Re-a-lise you’re not you …
You are MORE (this is true)
Than a trodden-down soul
Underground, like a mole.

You came here for the ride …
So, now, learn how to glide
High above, float with love
Wear this life like a glove.

The verses above came smoothly and easily from that other dimension, without thought from me … now I must explain them to you.

No matter HOW events have played out in this, YOUR life … the message is that YOU are a powerful energy, from that other dimension, travelling for however long inside this body in a symbiotic relationship.

No matter WHAT others have said to you about how worthless you might be in their estimation … YOU are NOT to bow down to their opinions ! Nor should you continue to whip yourself with a hard mental flail, setting THEIR standards to YOUR life !

The power is YOURS to detach from their opinions, to step back from the misery, worry or panic of each experience … to say to yourself “I do not deserve to be upset like this … I am a better being than that … I won’t involve myself in this worry any longer … From now on, I WILL be happy … This body I share will no longer feel like this … I came here to walk tall and that is what I vow to remember from now on”

Deciding this is not easy, my good friends … Nor is doing it easy, at first, but I can assure you that it DOES become easier, with practice. 

From my own personal experience, I have discovered that my mind has become clearer, my heart has become lighter … and the totally unexpected bonus is that my body has become healthier ! You see, stress makes your body manufacture unhealthy toxins, leading to everything from the strokes, heart attacks and gallstones which I have suffered, to the cancers and ulcers etc. which so many others suffer. No, I cannot recover the strength in my left leg, any more than I can have my gallbladder replaced, or remove the scarring from this heart … but I KNOW that I will have no more of these events.

Start NOW … 
recognise the strength of your soul … 
realise that THIS is the first day of the rest of this particular life.