Monday, 23 July 2012

Do you want to be free? (Channelled)

Do you want to be free? 
Feel on top of the tree?
Swim without hin-der-ance?
Live your life like a dance?

Re-a-lise you’re not you …
You are MORE (this is true)
Than a trodden-down soul
Underground, like a mole.

You came here for the ride …
So, now, learn how to glide
High above, float with love
Wear this life like a glove.

The verses above came smoothly and easily from that other dimension, without thought from me … now I must explain them to you.

No matter HOW events have played out in this, YOUR life … the message is that YOU are a powerful energy, from that other dimension, travelling for however long inside this body in a symbiotic relationship.

No matter WHAT others have said to you about how worthless you might be in their estimation … YOU are NOT to bow down to their opinions ! Nor should you continue to whip yourself with a hard mental flail, setting THEIR standards to YOUR life !

The power is YOURS to detach from their opinions, to step back from the misery, worry or panic of each experience … to say to yourself “I do not deserve to be upset like this … I am a better being than that … I won’t involve myself in this worry any longer … From now on, I WILL be happy … This body I share will no longer feel like this … I came here to walk tall and that is what I vow to remember from now on”

Deciding this is not easy, my good friends … Nor is doing it easy, at first, but I can assure you that it DOES become easier, with practice. 

From my own personal experience, I have discovered that my mind has become clearer, my heart has become lighter … and the totally unexpected bonus is that my body has become healthier ! You see, stress makes your body manufacture unhealthy toxins, leading to everything from the strokes, heart attacks and gallstones which I have suffered, to the cancers and ulcers etc. which so many others suffer. No, I cannot recover the strength in my left leg, any more than I can have my gallbladder replaced, or remove the scarring from this heart … but I KNOW that I will have no more of these events.

Start NOW … 
recognise the strength of your soul … 
realise that THIS is the first day of the rest of this particular life.




  1. Lovely, Pat. So eloquent and perfectly delivered! Spirit knows what to say to our weary hearts!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you, Jodi ... now things have quietened down on the 'Western Front', I am finally in a position to pay attention to the seven linked blogs ... firstly, answering my couple of comments.
      Many thanks, my friend.

  2. Excellent work, thank you so much for the support and encouragement that you are giving to others.
    Love Carole
    @From Our Hearts to Yours, For the Love of you Facebook pages, AND Hold my Hand your own creation.
    May your work of helping others continue.
    lOVE Carole <3

  3. Many thanks, Carole, for your most welcome response to this post. With love. XXX