Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Watch out ... stay spiritually alert ...

Help comes from any direction ... you have to be alert and aware.

I sit, staring at my blank screen,
Wond’ring what to write …
But I know, if I relax …
All will turn out right …

You see, I’ve Spirit on my shoulder,
Whispering in my ear …
Now all I have to do 
Is give them my fingers, dear …

So, we want to tell a story
About a lady, fair
Who lots and lots of folk
Thought wasn’t ‘all there’ 

She smiled a lot at thoughts she had
Passing through her mind
And chatted, bright, to strangers
Telling what was on her mind

As each and every stranger
Took comfort from her words
And as they thought about
These things that they had heard

They realised, you see, 
That she was but a tool
A single pen, in God’s hand,
Sharing with them a jewel.

Now YOUR messenger could be a child
With wisdom on his lips
Or even an old gentleman
(No signs of scholarship)

Just, please, watch out for guidance 
Passed to you from beyond
You’ll live a happy life, then,
For God, of you, is fond.

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  1. I LOVE it Pat!! It's a very beautiful poem!!! During this last year, you have given me so many messages that were always coming at the perfect time. Love you <3

    1. Thank you, Nicole, for your kind words <3

  2. Pat,
    Welcome to blogging! You'll love the plunge! Beautiful poem, our messages come from everywhere, we just have to stay open and willing.

    1. Exactly, Jodi ... your response is welcome XXX